For the Love of Languages

The emotional bond is what makes you better at language learning – Danijela Trenkic

I have been obsessing over Korea this Quarantine and that is what is motivating me to learn Korean. Though I have always loved Language Learning and have taken various Languages as I grew up ,I have realized Love is the best reason to learn a New Language. I studied Sanskrit in 10th Standard, took up German in 11th standard,Pali as a Upsc Optional and have been flirting with Japanese and German with my ever changing Crushes. So if love is making me learn new  language,so be it.

I think Learning languages is a big part of success, people who don’t enjoy learning languages are less likely to be successful. You can’t force yourself to do something that involves your emotions, involves a commitment to sort of imitating another language and culture and getting outside of the comfort of your language, one that you’re used to and able to express yourself. You’re forcing yourself out of that and you have to enjoy the process or you won’t do it. So why do I enjoy it?

I enjoy languages because of the discovery. I enjoy languages because I know that it’s an exercise in discovery, but also it leads you to these other things. Friends that I’ll be able to make, I’ll be able to have dinner conversations in Seoul when we visit Korea, so there’s all of this positive anticipation.

There are moments in life when we have a pleasant evening with friends, but that’s all you get is that evening then it’s gone. Now you have the memory maybe. Moments of enjoyment can be fleeting in life, but with language learning it’s sort of like you get a triple punch. You get the enjoyment of the activity, at least it is for me, you get the discovery of the language and then you get all of the things that that’s going to lead to. So it’s an investment in future enjoyment in a way that a wonderful meal and a nice bottle of wine is an investment in the enjoyment of that evening and perhaps the memory of it, but you aren’t necessarily investing in many, many good things to come.

So that’s my view. I do enjoy learning languages. I’m not tired of it. If I get tired of language A I move to language B. Whatever I have put into a language, however little I have achieved in the language, it’s still been a positive experience, a positive discovery and it’s also something that I can go back to. 


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