How To Prepare General Knowledge For TISSNET

Well, the title is self-explanatory but before I get into the details let me give you my background so that you would trust what I have to say next. I was always interested in General Knowledge which helped me to secure a place in Human Resource Management in TISS, Mumbai. So this article is specifically directed towards TISS Aspirants but I think anyone who likes to benefit from the larger pool of “Knowledge” that is available to humankind can use it.

The TISSNET has three sections, namely:

· General Knowledge

· Analytical Ability

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· Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency
There are 35 questions in the General Knowledge section accounting for 35% of the total weightage of the paper and it is generally tougher than the rest of Questions. So it goes without saying that you cannot afford to take this section lightly. This article is aimed to incite a genuine interest in General Knowledge. Before you begin your preparation analyse the trend of Questions asked in TISSNET. You can easily refer to the analysis done of previous year papers online.

Current General Knowledge

There are very less questions on current affairs but their difficulty level makes them crucial. Reading a National Newspaper is necessary to be a well-informed as it will help you develop a well-rounded personality and directly help in the Interview. I recommend reading “The Hindu” or “The Indian Express”. Try to form your opinion on important news Taglines.

Some of the important topics that I can think for TISSNET 2017 are:

· Demonetization

· Indians in news this year

· Nobel Prizes in 2016

· Cultural Festivals across India

· Winners of Olympics and Para Olympics

· Delhi Pollution Issue

· Major merger and acquisitions (specially Indians)

· World Sports (specially Tennis& badminton)

· Cricket

· Various awards given and to whom

· Syrian Refugees

· New Heads of State

· Ramon Magsaysay Award (Indians who won it)

· Current heads of major Global / Indian companies

· Information on brands and companies

· Information about Indian companies

· Major books released & authors

· Business related books and business biographies

The above list is just to get an idea. Please don’t blame me if nothing comes from it.

Static General Knowledge

Importance to questions based on Indian History, International organisations, Economics, Polity and Science & Tech is seen to be given. Most of the static part can be prepared from Manorama Year book or any other GK reckoner. You can also Google these topics but unless you make written notes of everything, it will be a futile exercise. GK booklets of various coaching institutes like T.I.M.E, Insights on India and Career Launcher are easily available in the market. Those can also form a good source to cover up major topics quickly. Lucent’s General Knowledge is also a good book for static GK.

Having said that, I am not the paper setter to tell you exactly how to prepare and from what. There is no substitute to hard work and making it a habit to be updated with the recent developments goes a long way in life. I think many things in life are like Cooking. You need to have the required ingredients, necessary temperament and the grit to work hard which should be combined in adequate proportion to come up with the desired result. Anything less and you miss out on the final list and end up wasting a precious year. So let’s begin to cook our way to TISS!

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