Internet’s Boyfriend_Day 3

The Urban Dictionary defines the title of this article as:

Definition 1: A boyfriend whose interaction with you is mainly over the internet because of long distance

Definition 2: A boyfriend who can interact with you in real life but chose not to for some bizarre reason

Well relationships are painfully online these days and especially during this quarantine I can’t but help talk about my imaginary internet Boyfriend. So for the purpose of this discussion, we will stick to definition 1.

Ok I accept this post is lame so if you are repelled by illogical rant about my childhood crush then you shouldn’t read any further. If you are intrigued or got nothing better to do then you should read without judging me much because Hey ! Crushes are normal and speaking about them should be normal too!

It was Summer of 1995 and I was sitting with my cousins. Back then Star-movies was a savior when we used to lounge in the drawing room seeing one movie after the other. This particular day we were watching “Speed” and I can’t tell what it was about Keanu other than those Greek God looks that captured my attention. Not to forget that day the concept of a crush was crystal clear to me. Maybe it was the incandescent gleam of his perfect skin, or the military cut that was oh so cute. Maybe it was the way he looked at Annie (Sandra Bullock’s character) or his subtle yet shy smile. Sigh.

Born on 2nd September 1964 in Beirut, son of an English costume designer and a Hawaiian native, Keanu has Chinese, Hawaiian, English, Irish and Portuguese descendants, later naturalised as Canadian.Such diverse genes definitely give him an edge over us the lesser mortals The actor started his acting career as a child, later becoming famous for action movies such as Speed, The Matrix series and the most recent John Wick series. Years later it was his cover photo on Constantine which made me wonder how can anyone look so hot in a plain white shirt and I have seen his movies whenever I needed to pep my mood. Thank you for being my virtual shrink Keanu!

Over the years Keanu has been a source of inspiration mostly for his good deeds and partly for his dashing looks. Celebrities are often in the press for less noble reasons, but not Keanu. He has been generous with his earnings too. After the success of The Matrix movies generated him USD 114 millions, Instead of spending the money all on himself, he donated USD 80 million to the costume and special effects crews, and bought a Harley Davidson motorbike for each of his 12 stuntmen in Matrix Reload. Well if this isn’t swoon worthy ,I don’t know what is.

The deeper interest for me and I hope for you is to understand the elusive elements involved when one person is attracted to another and to use that as a window into that which makes us most human.If we can all share our crushes then we can know ourselves and each other better if you ask me.

One of the best things about Reeves persona is that his past could have turned him into a very different person. For one, Reeves suffered from dyslexia growing up. The disorder could have kept him from achieving his Hollywood dreams. Somehow he persevered and navigated the disorder during his formative years with the help of his family and friends. He was everything I want a crush to be ,a man of few words but brimming with heart and soul.

 Recently, Reeves became aware that he’s also known as the “internet’s boyfriend.” Why? Well to put it simply, everyone loves his personality and wants to have the actor as their next beau. When he found out, his reaction was priceless.

“I’ve been what? Well, that’s uh…… That’s whacky!”, he said.

Just as whacky as this article.

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