KPMG (Knowledge & People to Manage Growth) – Anuya’s Internship Experience – TISS Mumbai

With due respect to Piet Klinjveld, I would like to describe my experience in KPMG as a beautiful association of Knowledge and People who help each other grow. So my internship started on the 4th of April,2016 in the Mumbai office of KPMG. I must admit that I was nervous as this was my first job. On the first day I was greeted by my mentor who then introduced me to the rest of the team. That same day I met another intern from XLRI (Let’s call him V) who was my partner in crime for the next two months.

My First project was about formulating a Technical Assessment Questionnaire for a middle east utilities player.I was given a presentation detailing about the Focus areas to be kept in mind while designing the Questions for four Proficiency Levels. I was asked to formulate questions for various sections like Customer Services,Internal Audit, Marketing & Corporate Communication and Human Resources. The Questionnaire were frequently reassessed to bridge loopholes if any.

Thanks to the generosity of my mentor, my second project was a crucial project which people generally shy away from giving to novices. In it, I was participating in a month long activity mapping of various businesses in a Large Indian Conglomerate. A 3 day workshop was also arranged to map the feasibility of HR Shared Services for the various businesses of that Conglomerate where we couldn’t visit due to the paucity of time. I am thankful for the opportunities I had in visiting the different client locations and hogging eye appealing and taste bud enticing food. Not to forget my 3 day stay at a fabulous Learning and Development training centre where we used to strum Guitar, paint and read books sipping coffee after a long day of work. At the workshop, I was handling the Payroll and exit management process mapping . I was overwhelmed as well as honoured by the kind of exposure I had during the whole workshop as I slowly started to understand the importance of my project on a Global level policy change. Meeting who’s who of HR fraternity of both KPMG and that Indian Conglomerate was too much to digest for a mere mortal like me who has switched from Dentistry to HR just a year ago.Now let me tell you what were my main takeaways from KPMG.

1)There is no compromise on technical know-how. You can only consult if you have an in depth knowledge about what you do and why you do it.
2)Keeping yourself updated with the recent happenings both related and unrelated to the business will add in richer content to your project.

3)People are more important that processes. It is pertinent to be a good human being, who speaks well and talks with respect to everyone. What you are as a person is an asset in Consulting.

Regarding final placement, KPMG gives a PPO or a PPI depending on the requirement, qualifications and your performance during the internship.

I have to admit that my internship experience was much better than what I had anticipated .I am much grateful for that.Though I couldn’t divulge many details I hope that my experience motivates young interns who want to work hard and party harder to join KPMG.

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