My 2 cents on the First 20 Hours

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Sorry Josh Kaufman.

I’m a kind book rater, but I’m really disappointed. The first few chapters (2 chapters to be precise) got me all excited because it seemed that I could finally Learn how to Learn.

However it went downhill from there.Most of what the first 20 hours is about can be digested from the first 2 chapters. The additional chapter’s concepts are elementary when it comes to understanding how to use the strategies for rapid learning. Check it out from your local library before buying it if you can; you may get all that you need from doing so.

Once I read the first few pages, I skipped everything. It goes too deep about his personal goals like yoga (I have the working level I need to enjoy benefits of yoga), programming (was never interested), and few more skills that I’m not interested in.

Rather than stretching the book in depth for all the skills not everyone needs, why not briefly explain how we (the readers) can implement or apply in our cases, or maybe give a workbook, or simply how we can use the principles mentioned in the first chapter.

If you haven’t bought this book already, I suggest you to read the above infographic by Sasha Chua and see Josh Kaufman’s Video on the same and you are all set.

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