Reasons why Gong Yoo should be an INFJ

Grab your wine and let’s dive into this!

This write-up is prompted by a fellow fangirl @Haiku_Gongyoo on what we think is the MBTI type of our boy, South Korean Superstar Gong Yoo. The beautiful thing about him is that the first time you look at him, you’ll probably go “he is the guy girls are so mad about?” and then you see him in one of his movies/dramas/interviews and become one of those girls. He is an acquired taste that matures like a fine wine. I find him attractive for so many reasons; he is down to earth in spite of his huge stardom, portrays roles so well, knows to sing, is tall-sexy-goofy, wants to direct someday revealing his brainy side. All those qualities make him so much adorable and lovable. His eyes are something else entirely. I have watched many Korean dramas and movies but I have found my favorite in Gong Yoo after all.

I chose to not base my observations on the roles he plays because that is all make-believe and INFJs are notorious social chameleons, masking into the role they are expected to be. Irrespective of their profession, INFJs are actors of their own right, projecting themselves as what is expected of them. They hate conflicts big time and can go to great lengths to avoid them altogether. The basis of my observations are his Interviews and several Youtube videos that I will try to link below. Though I am a Human Resource professional who is a Psychology buff, I do not claim to be an authority on MBTI personality types. My interest in MBTI stems from finally understanding myself better as an INFJ and also dealing with two INFJ friends. I have ulterior motives in proving Gong Yoo as an INFJ because I respect and love him deeply and want him to be a part of my Gang. With that disclaimer out let me elaborate in layman terms why I think he is an INFJ.

You can tell he’s genuine just by watching his interviews, and his answers, damn, I’ve never seen a heartthrob as humble as Gong Yoo. And let’s not forget his shyness and his laughs! Anyways I think we need to think more objectively about this topic because the audience generally focuses too much on his looks and we fangirls want to prove that he is much more than just a pretty face. We love good stories and good performances; we are not that irrational consumers after all.

So here we go.

He is a deep thinker and works for a cause bigger than himself

The more I watch his interviews the more I fall for the actor instead of the character he played. Now I am more objective in looking at him as an actor, not as the cool characters he plays in his films. He thinks we love Kim Shin’s character but he couldn’t be more disillusioned. No Gongyooshi we do not like you because of your characters, we like you because you are like this, you are honest, you are pure, you are humble and handsome. No character of his would ever suffice his real personality. Right from lobbying for the Dogani Law to be passed to the recent donation for Corona fund, he shows social awareness and willingness to make a positive change with his stardom. We love that. Everything about him is warm, the way he smiles, talks, walks, acts, and is perceived on and off-camera.

He is not superficial

There’s something about Gong Yoo’s interviews that feel more sincere/authentic than other celebrities. He doesn’t shy away from saying things that might come off as politically incorrect: struggling with internal demons, not liking fame, the complexities of being indebted to fans but their parasitic nature, the unpleasantness of serving in the military, etc. He always tries to appreciate other people’s perspectives while asserting his own and that is commendable.

He is sensitive to the emotions of others

He apologized to fans about being brash to them years ago and the respect that he gives to his fans on a fan sign event is really commendable.  Which Superstar would oblige a fangirl by putting a ring on her finger? His co-star Jeon Do Yeon also mentioned how he cooked braised chicken on her birthday in Finland when she was tired of eating bread all the time. Such a good Husband material I tell you.

He is a Perfectionist Loner

INFJs are known to be perfectionists to the point that they tend to procrastinate. They are always criticizing themselves and those they love and hence are dissatisfied as a default mode. So, he takes commitment very seriously. His Personal trainer recently narrated how GY called to ask if it was fine if he had beef instead of chicken. He says he really admired his commitment to be a perfectionist when it comes to his roles.

Also, he comes off as a loner, preferring his own company over any other human being. Prefers fishing and chilling at Jeju Island and takes a two-year break because he was overwhelmed by working on three projects simultaneously in 2016. This may sound extreme to most but as an INFJ myself I can vouch that it was necessary for him to do so. We can only give when our cup is full and being surrounded by people drains our energy. Not because he hates people but he either absorbs people’s energies and prefers people who are mentally stimulating or someone around whom he can be comfortable.

He is complex and intense

He is someone who is loved by so many but can’t comfortably live his life like a normal person. He must feel extremely lonely and it’s sad that this is the downside of being famous. This guy has a depth that can’t be described in words. He prefers art films and has a very profound connection with his craft. One of the more intelligent actors around, Korean or otherwise and you can see that in the projects he chooses, the causes he endorses, and the way he answers questions asked to him.

Hard to get to know

I feel for him, I don’t envy his fame but I admire his tolerance and acceptance that this is his life. He says he enjoys the fame but I can’t help but wonder if he just tells himself that or if he is truly happy.  Now I know why his eyes look so sad and tired all the time. Poor thing he must feel so lonely, I hope fans respect his privacy though, so he can continue to recharge and grace us with his beauty.

Prone to depression

He has mentioned in this interview that he struggled with self-image in his 20s and I am sure he does now too but just has learned to mask it well. He seems to be a rational and sentimental person who has a lot on his mind. Gong Hye-Jin says he is a worrywart and thinks 100 times before buying a simple t-shirt. So, imagine how much he is worried about the things that really matter to him. He isn’t only worrying about disappointing his fans but also the team who works with him all these years and helped him along the way.

Protective of his privacy

He is not on Social Media and it’s tough to spot him even in this age of digitalization. From an INFJ perspective, he gets enough exposure thanks to his celebrity status and mandatory meets that he needs to conduct, he does not feel any need to socialize other than that. Also, his INFJ brain has convinced him that he is always right, so he will not bother to come online even if asked to so.

I can go on and on about my favorite Oppa but my intuition tells me he is an INFJ. Why you ask? It would be like explaining the taste of water. I can only hope someone cajoles him into taking that test and my hope/ speculation is proved. So, this man who contributes to great cause out of sheer outrage for injustice, and when asked about it, immediately says that he didn’t do it alone that it was a collective effort, that anyone else would have done the same. If this isn’t a sign of a great man, I don’t know what is.

INFJ or not, Saranghae Oppa.

What do you think?


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