Skills that will pay off- Day 8


So my virtual Quaranteam, how are you updating yourself? Here is the list of all the things I am working on. Also I have nothing else to speak today, grrh..

Any suggestions or additions, please let me know by commenting

  1. Learning how to Learn: The most under rated competency but nonetheless the Holy grail of all skills.
  2. Ability to Adapt, improvise and overcome obstacles: Thanks to the recession and Corona hard times are ahead. You will be put down on ground or you already are so these skill needs to  be looked upon.
  3. Meditation: You are your mind and what better time to calm your mind when the world is in frenzy.
  4. Ability to verbalize what you think and feel: Relationships are born and maintained by this important skill and I need to work on it. Am thinking of joining the toastmasters after the lockdown ends anyone wants to join me?
  5. Ability to Sell and negotiate: Life is a series of negotiations and selling yourself and your ideas is a big part of it. Read “To Sell is human” by Daniel Pink to understand what I am talking about.
  6. Art of Listening and responding not reacting: With the world becoming noisier, listening selectively and making sense of it all is a survival skill if you ask me.
  7. Ability to self- motivate: Like I am pushing myself to write an article everyday.
  8. Discipline: Play the game small but daily like me writing this. I can’t believe I took 1 full day to write these 500 words and let this inspire you and me  
  9. Time Management: Time is the most precious resource
  10. Speed reading: Read for self-development as well as entertainment. Read, read, read, you will never regret it. The average CEO reads 50 books in a year,  we should at least read 10.
  11. Self-Analysis: You can only improve that which you measure and knowing where you stand is so crucial.
  12. Emotional intelligence and empathy: As an introvert I don’t like to get out of my cave but unfortunately, we all have to deal with people so high time to gear up for this necessary soft skill.
  13. Self-respect with a backbone: Stand your ground.
  14. Generate ideas that have value than just imitate: Your mind is a fertile land and its value depends on how many ideas it can grow. A string of ideas can make not only yours but everyone’s life better. That’s what the likes of Steve Jobs,Bill Gates and Elon Musk do and we respect them for that, so why not give it a try?
  15. Ability to simulate outcomes: Simulate the end outcome for both personal and professional decisions and hence make better.
  16. Gear for post traumatic growth: We are recovering from this pandemic collectively and as a escapism are diving in deep into our passion projects and learning new things and this period will also be our learning benchmark for the years to come.

Now, let’s get cracking.

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