To Extroverts with Love- Day 9

Source: How to Love an Introvert by Kim Sutton

Dear Extroverts,

First things first, I empathize with you for being locked up in your homes and not getting your daily dose of fresh air and fresh people. I can understand how difficult it is for you and I want to take this opportunity to let you know how difficult it will get for us, the introverts once this lockdown is over. in the hope that you would extend us the same understanding

As an introvert, I would probably rather listen than talk most of the time. We are adept at building deep and lasting relationships. We’re trusted, accountable, and a core contributor. People look to us for our Zen like demeanour. However, we’re not a schmoozers and that really sucks in a social setup. We value your space and quiet time. Regardless, you have distinct advantages that enable you to understand people better but finding your tribe is really difficult. Atleast in my experience.

On the flip side we are naïve to the social art of retorts. Certain overtly well-meaning queries that desperately try to put us down are never ok! And while we should hone some standard retorts it doesn’t hurt to set certain healthy boundaries with such

So here’s everything that you should never ask an introvert (actually any person that you want to impress) on their face because it is crass and downright rude to say the least. I will never admit off course that It’s basically how to talk to me but in third person

  1. Don’t talk to them if you want to lie. They can sense your energy even if they might suck at understanding your body language. So please don’t try.
  2. Save your veiled relationship status questions for someone else. If we trusted you enough, you would know without asking and if you still don’t know then we want it that way.
  3. Respect our No. You should actually respect any living things No. Even that cat who doesn’t want to play just because you are in the mood for it
  4. Please respect our “me time”. That’s when we gather energy to deal with the big bad world and it’s essential for out sanity
  5. If you can’t talk anything good to us, then please don’t talk
  6. We are told that we are good listeners. And we are good at keeping secrets too. So if you make friends with us you have also earned yourself a counselor, patient listener, someone who can comfort you with good food and good stories and overall a great company. But don’t abuse our good intent and expect us to be available all the time.
  7. Don’t take it personally if we refuse your invite. It’s not always about you, you see. Afterall the only company that we seek is ourselves so please don’t take us refusing your invites/requests as us rejecting our relationship with you.
  8. How much we are earning unless off course you are in HR.

That’s all that I could think of today but I would like to revisit this topic if and when I have something to add to it. Until then much Love, peace and deeper understanding of ourselves and that of others.