Psychocybernetics: The way you act is a result of the mental image you create of yourself.

Most important part of transformation is Mental

Whether you like it or not you’ve created your own self-image of who you are. Every success, failure, and experience you’ve had has played a role in the creation of this mental illustration.

Life events, whether traumatic or wonderful, lead us to create the mental blueprint of ourselves. This principle is important to know because who you believe yourself to determine how you act every day. For example, if you’ve had struggles with math your whole life, you may tell yourself that you’re bad at math, that it’s just who you are. It’s the thought of being awful at arithmetic that makes you continue to struggle. Maybe instead of having a hard time with numbers, you think that people judge you for the way you look or act, which causes you to push people away. Unfortunately, this perception of yourself and how others view you is making you shut down.

“How we explain life events to ourselves determines how they will affect us.

Between every situation we experience and how we feel about it is a space. Within that space, we decide what to think the circumstance means, whether good or bad. We have to improve what we think to change how we feel in any situation we encounter. When we upgrade our perception of ourselves and the world around us, we can improve the way we act.

Most definitely!