Takeaways from Seth Godin -Part 1_Day 4

Seth’s remarkable. Be like Seth.

Good Morning!

Hope you are doing well in this Quarantine. I definitely am thanks to Seth Godin.

Yeah looks like I am going to write about him till I am fed up. So here we go:

  1. Do it your way: Do what you want to do, the way you want to do it
  2. Tell your story: Stories connect us. We watch Netflix because we like stories, we read books because we like stories. We love telling stories and we love listening to stories. We bond over stories. So tell your story
  3. Be patiently impatient: Don’t leave things before you conclude that they are not working out
  4. Who picks mediocre? Nobody. Refuse to settle for Average. Be remarkable to create positive buzz.
  5. The Product is the Marketing. Stop wasting money, time and energy on Marketing. If what you do is good enough, people will notice it.
  6. Spread your ideas: Be generous with your knowledge and opinion, you never know who will need what you have to say.
  7. Decide Carefully: Decide carefully what you decide to do because you have limited time and energy and you have the most important thing at stake when you decide to do something
  8. Life is a series of Dips: Failures are a sure thing. Don’t stop because you might fail, persevere despite it.
  9. Navigate without a Map: Nobody knows how a situation will turn out, except if you are an Astrologer or Donald Trump. Take steps towards what you love and improvise as you go.
  10. Create something remarkable: Create a purple cow. You can ignore a cow but you can’t ignore a Purple or a yellow cow.

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