To Saree or not to Saree

In an age of Superficialism, I detest how little thought we give to looking after ourselves. Feeling good about yourself and flaunting is seen as narcissistic.While clicking pictures just to see how many likes you get on popular voting platforms like Facebook or Instagram is a sign of psychological insecurity, shying away completely from who you are and what you really look like is a more serious threat than it appears. Our society is conjured in such a way that there are labels for every shape and size.

I personally have suffered from negative body image.The world is not kind to plain Janes, especially in the dating and marriage market.While I am in no way Plain or Jane,I am no Victoria’s Secret model either and that used to trouble me ; not any more.While I do not hold it against men for I too am a spoilt aesthetic and I believe that people and things should appeal to most of our senses for a long lasting relationship with them.Anyways This post is about Sarees and why I think that it is history’s best gift to Indian men.Saree is also so graceful that whoever drapes it cannot have a negative body image.

I like my mothers wedding saree not only because it carries a sentimental value but also because it is wine red( a colour I love)with intricate silver design (which I find beautiful).So you see , me liking the saree is a sum total of so many positive emotions associated with it.Just like whether or not you like a person /Thing/City is dependent on how they make you feel, how much they suit you (or your life) ,how much they are willing to satisfy your basic needs and last but certainly the most important, how they appeal to your senses.

As a child my sense of visual aesthetic was strong, as a result I was attracted only to people and things which were easy on my eyes.As a teenager,I retained that sense of aesthetic but realised that looks can be deceptive and they most often are. However that didn’t stop me from falling into potential pitfalls despite knowing they were pitfalls?! Why did I not take Darwin as seriously as I should? We are subconsciously and sometimes unconsciously searching for beauty in our lives no matter what that definition is. But how will we find that beauty if we do not see that beauty in the only tangible thing we have? Our only asset or vessel should I say is our only real possession and it sad how much we rely on others for feeling good about ourselves. I am a staunch proponent of a positive body image thanks to Ashley Graham who has made me love my thunder thighs.Anyways let’s not roam in the garden and come back to the point that is should I saree or not saree.
Let me do a SWOT Analysis:

Why to Saree?

1) Sanskari ladki with the sex appeal
2)Promote “made in India” ,so be politically, economically and strategically safe
3)Because every mom deserves to see her daughter all draped up
4)Because Saree is the only Costume that you can dress up or dress down according to the occasion without compromising on your classy(Ah well,Pun Intended)
5) I just love 9.9th month,9 yards and cat’s 9 lives etc

Why not to Saree?

Can’t manage your time /schedule/weight properly and hence a Saree can only add to the mess.But that can be dealt with.

Love Saree.Period.

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