Training my Lizard- Day 1

I have always enjoyed writing but somehow never practiced it. And now, after the Lockdown started often flirted with the idea.

My last post was in 2017 and then there is nothing to show despite knowing well that I am only as good as my last gig. In my list of procrastinations, writing still tops and I have been desperately trying to get out of this rut. An encouraging mentor and my maternal uncle have been telling me to write something at the beginning of the lockdown however I have still let a Month go by telling myself “Oh Maybe it a Writer’s Block”. So instead, I resorted to some soul searching and do you know what I stumbled upon? This:

Do more of what makes you happy and finish what you start”

That got me wondering why I am such a jackass.Why is it so difficult to do what I say I am going to do? I say I want one thing  and then I do another.I really want to do something and then I never start. I want a lot of things but I also limit it to wishful thinking.I want to be thin but nonetheless take the 2nd (actual 4th) serving of the biryani and gulp the 7th Gulab jamun and sleep afterwards to ensure I stay fatulous. Yes I have just invented this word from Fat plus fabulous,I don’t want my Lizard to smirk at me you see.

Yes, you read it right, my Lizard. To know Lizard you should first know who Seth Godin is. To those of you who are not aware of Seth Godin, please invest a min to google him. To me right now he is a pro Lizard slayer and someone who is inspiring me to slay my own Lizard. In an interview that l was not expecting to be provoked, he said,” A writer’s block is a Myth”. And to explain it further he mentioned the Lizard Brain.

Seth’s “lizard brain” is inspired from Steven Pressfield’s “Resistance”. The lizard is a physical part of your brain, the pre-historic lump near the brain stem that is responsible for fear, rage and the reproductive drive. It is called the amygdala. This amygdala or “The lizard” hates change. It also hates risk and therefore achievement. So it sits in our head telling us to back off, be careful, go slow and compromise. If we continue to listen to this Lizard and mind you it was pretty dominant in my case then God save us. Day by day the lizard grows till we ourselves become Lizards, just devouring and chilling. All dreams stay on our to do list but never materialize.

Explaining more on why a block of any kind is a Myth, he says that a Plumber has no choice to not do his job. He can’t say that he will not unclog the pipes because he just doesn’t feel like it. And same goes for anything that needs to be done. If you really are passionate about writing, then you can’t let it be at the whims and fancies of your hormones.

So now after being enlightened by Seth, what would he expect of me?

Off course to contradict my Lizard brain and publish this.

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  1. Totally relatable!! Definitely wl google the ‘lizard’ now. Such an engaging write up❤️ Looking forward to more of this with less time gap😬

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