What is depression really?

The traditional view of achievement, like the traditional view of
depression, needs overhauling. Our workplaces and our home operate
on the conventional assumption that success results from a combination of
talent and desire.

When failure occurs, it is because either talent or desire
is missing. But failure also can occur when talent and desire are present
in abundance but optimism is missing.

What if the great majority of depressions are much simpler than the
biological psychiatrists and the psychoanalysts believe?

1. What if depression is not something you are motivated to bring upon
yourself but something that just descends upon you?
2. What if depression is not an illness but a severe low’ mood?
3. What if you are not a prisoner of past conflicts in the way you react?
4. What if depression is in fact set off by present troubles?
5. What if you are not a prisoner of your genes or your brain chemistry,
6. What if depression arises from mistaken inferences ‘we make from
two Ways of Looking at Life, the tragedies and setbacks we all experience over the course of a life?
7.What if depression occurs merely when we harbor pessimistic beliefs
about the causes of our setbacks?
8. What if we can unlearn pessimism and acquire the skills of looking
at setbacks optimistically?

Also what if the traditional view of the components of success is wrong?
1. What if there is a third factor-optimism or pessimis~that matters
as much as talent or desire?
2. What if you can have all the talent and desire necessary-yet, if you
are a pessimist, still fail?
3.What if optimists do better at school, at work, and on the playing
4.What if optimism is a learned skill, one that can be permanently
5.What if we can instill this skill in our children?

What do you think? Let me know 🙂

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